Tailor-made solutions
for your wireless communications

Wi-Fi / marine antennas / installation audi / Conception


Hertech-Consulting analyse your needs to bring you unique and ideal solution

Wireless solutions

Hotspot, ideal for pub, restaurants, hostels, bed and breakfast.

Marine antennas

We bring the internet to the sea. Homemade antennas to fits marine needs and connect boats.

Installation audit

Protect the health of your users and the security of your datas.


Our antennas are made by Hertech Consulting, patented, tested and improved since 2008 for bests performances.

Carry your communications to the next level with high efficiency solutions that fits exactly your needs.


Since 2008, we install our solutions from touristic businnesses to ports.

Our speciality :
very high bandwidth.

It is our wish to provide high performances. That's why we made the antennas ourselves for our custumers installations.

Made to accept geographical constraints (mountain fields and ports), our patented antennas gain one's spurs since many years and are always improved with the latests technologies.

Hertech Consulting made the choice of user's security by making antennas adapting their power according to the needs in real time.

  • Best performances
  • Tailor-made conceptions
  • Data security
  • User's health protected

Our happy customers

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Our partners

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The team

multi-generation company, Hertech consulting mix experience with the latests technologies.

Philippe Herman

CEO & Engineer

Luc Mejean

System administrator

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You can fill in the present form or contact us at +33 (0)6 71 22 09 12 (France)